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You can easily track your expenses using Centsible. In order to add transactions you can access the form by clicking the plus button at the center of the bottom tabs. You will see a screen like the one below. Let's point out all the important parts.

Transaction Form

Required Fields

The following are the required fields before being able to submit your transaction.

  • Amount
  • Date
  • Payee
  • Account (and another account if transfer)
  • At least 1 category

Category Exception

There is an important exception that relates to categories. If the account(s) you are dealing with are off budget a category is not required and is disabled. The reasoning behind this is because off budget accounts do not affect the budget. Thus a category is not necessary. However, if you are dealing with an on budget account, a category is required.

For example if you are making a trasnfer between an off budget account to an on budget account a category is required because that transaction will affect the budget.